STAR Tanning 3-Step Perfect Tan Guide

We have designed the STAR Tanning 3-Step Perfect Tan Guide:
We would always advise shaving and exfoliating the day before you are due to apply your tan. This gives your skin enough time to relax afterwards and your pores to close, ready to have the tanning product applied.  We would advise using a natural moisturiser after drying if you must as some moisturising products can react or even act as a barrier to the tanning solution.
Please feel free to email us if you are concerned about the moisturiser you use.
Our exclusive PH Balancing Preparation Spray is the most amazing product for preparing the skin prior to tanning with the salon solution or the home-use mousse.  This has been exclusively blended for STAR and simply adjusts the PH levels of your skin to match the PH level of the STAR salon solution & mousse.  Those who have dry skin areas have more acidic skin and the spray works to neutralise the acid, thus eliminating your dry patches (over prolonged use) and in turn, stops the tanning solution sticking to those dry patches. 
During product testing, when used on it's own after showering, this spray has even been proven to eliminate the effects of severe psoriasis and eczema and our test subject has now stopped using steroid creams in favour of our PH Balancing Spray.  The before and after pictures are shown below.

STAR Salon Solution and Mousse products, for Men & Women, do not have any chemical dyes added, therefore the shades are as true as they can be, unlike other brands where your skin is sprayed a "fake tan" colour by chemical dyes. STAR Salon Solution comes in 4 shades and an Express 2 Hour Solution and the Mousse is available in 3 shades. The STAR blend is completely UNIQUE and works with your skin's own melanin, unlike any other brand on the market today, to guarantee you the most natural colour and best results for your skin.  Even for the palest of skin tones, we have the perfect tan for you.
Use STAR Barrier Cream to cover tattoos, palms, around the ankle area and back of the feet to prevent the tan affecting those areas.
You apply the tanning product as normal, using either a spray machine or a tanning mitt. One coat is plenty; there is no need for "double sprays".  To do so will give false results and may even overload the skin with product, causing the tan to crack.  As your skin can only absorb 13.8% of pure DHA safely (the ingredient that helps to give your skin colour), anything more than this can and will cause the tan to crack on the surface of the skin. Most tanning solution strengths are known to customers and/or sprayers simply by a percentage of DHA, however this is usually a false percentage as the DHA is watered down or chemicals are added.  STAR products have 100% pure DHA therefore the percentages are as true as possible.
Please note, the "guide colour" is not as dark as some other brands but are more true to the colour tone of the final result.
The solution and/or mousse should be showered off after 8 hours (our Speedy STAR Express Solution develops after only 2 hours).  After showering the residue off, you will see your own melanin producing and your skin tone will even out over the next hour or so to give you the perfect, flawless tan.
Our exclusive Colour-Lock Finishing Spray is fantastic for locking in the colour, reducing colour transfer and for keeping your skin moisturised afterwards, thus prolonging the life of your STAR tan.  Just like our PH Balancing Preparation Spray, this has been exclusively blended for STAR and acts as a tan extender when used every day following your shower.
Our Gradual Tanning Moisturiser also acts as a tan extending product when applied once a day after showering, starting 3-4 days following your spray tan.
STAR Tans will last for approximately 7-9 days depending on your skin type and condition.  Daily maintenance simply includes a shower (using no exfoliating products or abrasive items ie. facecloths, body brushes etc).  When drying, either choose to dry naturally or pat your skin with a towel rather than rubbing it.  Once completely dry, apply STAR Colour-Lock Finishing Spray or a natural moisturiser. Your tan will fade evenly if you follow this routine.  When the last layer is due to come off, a hot bath with bath salts and either a body brush or a Tan Eraser mitt will easily remove the product, making your skin ready for a fresh application.